Your are a few steps away from your vacation-time! Please follow the steps:

  1. RED: Park your car for 5mn across the street
  2. BLUE: By walk get into the apartment (see further instructions to retrieve the keys)
  3. YELLOW: Park your car into the residence and garage

Your car is parked in the street, get to the entrance and select “BERNARD” using the up-and-down arrows. Press on the green light (left button). After 5s, door will automatically open.

Reach out the elevator and go to 6th (last) floor. Your apartment is the first one on the right!

There is a keybox accross the blue grids. Passcode has been provided to you separatly. 

  • Enter the code and press simultaneously both buttons on the sides. Keybos is opened.
  • Take the set of keys out, then close the keybox while randomly changing the digits.
  • Get into the appartment.

Inside, take the second set of keys at the entrance. There are 2 remote controls attached. The bigger one opens the residence’s gate and the second one opens your private garage (left button).

  • Come back to your car, drive back to the residence and use the large remote control (black/metallic).
  • Follow the road (yellow arrow bellow). Stay on the left-hand side when you reach the main area.
  • Locate your garage with the second remote control (see second picture bellow). It is the last one on your left-hand side.
  • Park your car backwards – this is the most convenient option to get in and out.

Alternatively you can park in the climb and in the spots in middle of the residence. Do not use spots across the walls please (these are private spots, with an anchor on the ground)

Congratulations you are done! 

You can start your vacation now. Don’t hesitate to call us for any questions, we are pleased to help 🙂

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