Again a warm thank you for your stay! Before leaving, we are kindly asking you to fulfill the following before departure:

  • Empty all the bins in the garbage facilities (located downstairs in the courtyard)
  • Bring all uncleaned dishes in the dishwasher (do not leave dirty dishes outside the dishwasher)
  • Leave the main set of keys (with remote controllers) inside the apartment
  • Bring the small set of keys back to the outside keybox
Please leave the apartment in a descent state. Cleaning service is included as a regular post-rental operation. Any abnormal dirtiness or degradation will be charged.
As a final reminder:
  • Do not forget anything; check the shoes cupboard, drawers and wardrobes, underneath the bed etc.
  • Bring you car outside the residence, before closing the apartment for the last time
  • Safely come back home… and visit us again 🙂

Whenever you wish to come back please contact us via WhatsApp or email to benefit from direct prices without intermediary!

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