Long Beach, Cannes FR.

Premiers Pas


Clé WIFI: 074BC0FF5C 

All condiments are at your disposal (oil, salt, pepper, coffee, tee etc.).

Thank you for sorting your garbage: normal waste (non-recyclable) in the metallic trash, yellow/recyclable in the plastic trash (bottles, plastics, cardboard). The garbage facilities are located in the building courtyard:

Where to buy food?

We highly recommend Leclerc du Cannet for its large choice, parking and best price-for-value in the area (open: Monday/Saturday 08:30am-8:30pm).

Open on Sunday: Monop’ Cannes Marché (open: Monday/Sunday 08:30am-7:30pm).

Alternatively the closest being: Aldi Cannes: (open: Monday/Saturday 08:30am-9:00pm, Sunday 08:30am-12:30pm).

Where to eat?

Up to your tastes and standards, Google Map and TripAdvisor are always the best advisors (don’t forget to book in touristic seasons!). Shall you search for something close and good enough, the Italian Caffé should satisfy you!

Some ideas for your next visits?

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